Bury St Edmunds based and Looking for a charity website designer in Cambridge try Scottweb Design based near Bury St Edmunds in Newmarket Suffolk eight miles from Bury St Edmunds low cost charity web design.

Charities need a web site if you are a Bury St Edmunds Newmarket or Cambridge Charity and need a web site contact Scottweb Design based near Bury St Edmunds in Newmarket near Cambridge and we will build a web site and put your charity on the internet in Bury St Edmunds.

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Charity websites

CharityScottweb Design charity services range from low cost web sites for local groups and organisations through to custom built web sites for larger charitable organisations and businesses.

We know that your organisation will benefit from a high quality web presence. We can provide you with that quality at a price and in a style that is suitable for your organisation.

Charities we have worked with:

DEMAND is a charity providing equipment for people with disabilities.

East and North Herts Wheelchair Service. Provides Wheelchairs for permanent use.

Hertfordshire Action on Disability. Delivering innovative affordable, practical services to people with disabilities. HAD has been providing practical services and support to disabled people for nearly 50 years. Helping disabled people and promoting their independence is what the organisation is all about.