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New websiteThe best place to start is by telling us a bit about your project, it doesn't matter if it's big or small.

We’ve been designing and developing web sites for over 14 years, so it's highly likely we'll understand what you need and be able to help you plan the project, develop your website and most important of all show you how to get customers to the website. Contact Us


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Website Development

Website DevelopmentWhat makes a great website?

Design-wise, it’s a site that reflects and promotes your brand and your values; a site that’s easy to navigate and understand and a site that converts your visitors into sales.

Developing a web site that works correctly and efficiently requires certain skills but even the most technically correct website will not attract new customers, or enhance the experience of your existing customers if it has been poorly designed.

As a first step, we will conduct a web design consultation with you either in our Nwmarket Suffolk premises or at your premises. This ensures we, as website designers, correctly identify your needs before we start work. Your requirements are then embodied in an agreed specification.

Here are the steps we follow when developing your website

  1. We work from the premise that you know your business and your market far better than we do. So before starting a design project we ask questions and listen.
  2. We examine your marketing strategy and ensure that your website will reinforce your current image.
  3. We develop a design plan and advise on page content to ensure your site loads quickly and is easy to navigate.
  4. We then provide you with a quotation for the project, including future maintenance or on-going costs.
  5. We provide you with an estimated publishing date, which can be as little as 7 days from the date of agreement.
  6. As we design and develop the site we load the pages into our web space so that you can view them over the World Wide Web and monitor progress.
  7. Once the site is complete and approved, we upload and register your site with the major Internet Search Engines using well tested techniques that ensure your site will be easily found by potential clients.

Website Maintenance

You need to keep your web site up-to-date and fresh to maximise sales and revenue from it. To remain effective, a web site needs to be constantly updated and maintained for a number of reasons:

  • Technology changes fast and a site can begin to look and act old very quickly.
  • Changes in your business, for example new products or prices.
  • Components of a web site such as hyperlinks and graphics can malfunction.
  • The rules by which search engines list sites change constantly. Without updating and taking account of these new rules, a web site can easily become 'lost' in search engine listings.
  • Fresh information ensures people have a reason to return to your site.

Website Facelifts

Website FaceliftsWeb site designers advise that a web site should be updated on a regular basis as this will keep the site up to dated and looking fresh, encourage clients to return and to enable you to keep your products and services up to date.

Regular facelifts also has the added benefit of improving search engine rankings (Google, Yahoo. MSN etc.) as regularly updated web sites encourage search engines to reevaluate your site.

A facelift will benefit your site:

  • Refresh the look and feel of the website
  • Update the content
  • Improve search engine returns
  • Update the technology

All we require from you is login details for your current hosting to retrieve the files from your web site, and then to replace them with the new version.

We also need some idea of any changes you would like to make and a general idea of the look you would like us to create.