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Bespoke Tailored Websites

Looking for a local website designer in Newmarket, Suffolk, Bury St. Edmunds area:

We have 25 years' experience designing professional and intelligent websites, we work with you to develop an engaging website that will deliver high quality leads and sales.

Our sites are advanced, custom-made, original, use responsive mobile-first technology and produced in-house in Newmarket, Suffolk.

Web design mock-up FREE

Most website designers require you to sign up and pay a deposit before they show you a design. You are asked to commit without seeing any work.

Fortunately, we think differently. Do not commit to a project without seeing a design, that's why we, without obligation offer a free home page layout and design. If you like what you see, great if not, no problem.

FREE website mock-up

What we do - Simple, Elegant & Effective Websites

We build modern clean websites that is functional, well-organised and creates a persuasive user experience. This will ensure that your online look of your business is something you can be proud of and your potential customers will respond to.

S E O is built in at the design stage to ensure your website can be found.

Can we help with your project?

OK, so why Scottweb Design

We understand your website is the ambassador for your company, by providing you with the complete range of internet services we able to tailor the design process to your goals and needs.

With the focus on our business clients demands and our understanding of website digital strategy will ensure that we create get a great looking website to our customers complete satisfaction.

We have the technical expertise to increase your Google/Bing search returns using best practice methods.

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How much will it cost me

A new website need not cost as much as might expect, our transparent price policy show our most popular 6 page bespoke website cost just £550.00.

Remember all our websites are custom bespoke built to your exact requirements.

Our Package Prices

Our work portfolio

Trading since 1999 our portfolio of work shows designs we have built for many types of businesses and commercial companies in Newmarket, Suffolk and the East Anglia region, from the NHS and Leica Cambridge to new start-ups.

Over the years we have updated our technologies and now all our website are responsive and use the latest HTML5 and CSS3

Our web design portfolio features a small selection from past work projects they are unique and eye-catching.

Our Work Portfolio

Will my website rank high in Google local search

You want to attract new customers to your business with your website presence, using local organic geographic SEO technologies, that is phrases and key words with reference to your location and business.

We have helped many clients reach page one in Google and achieve their marketing goals, that is to generate enquires, leads and new sales.

SEO Services

Mobile Friendly

Does your website look good on a mobile phone? Is it quick to load? If not you could be losing potential new customers.

Smart phones, tablets and mobile devices are increasingly being used to search the internet, a responsive mobile friendly website will allow you to engage with users whatever their device.

All our websites are designed, optimised and are tested to be fully Google compliant and mobile friendly.

Have an old website that needs upgrading to be mobile friendly Google compliance give us a call, it will may well cost less than you think.

Our fresh approach to web design, content and graphics means you have found the right company that you can work with and our experience in the latest responsive HTML to W3C validation gives the you the confidence you're looking for.

Check if your website is Google mobile friendly HERE.

How We Work

Define & Develop - Our approach is very simple, we work with you to get your message across with clear straightforward information, jargon free.

Design & Build - We understand what your needs are and be able to help you plan an appealing website. Using the latest technology, compliant HTML5 and epitomised graphics, the styling is unique to you.

Optimisation & Marketing - Search Engine Optimization that will get results for your company website. You want to be on page one for Google organic ranking, let us help.

What About Updating & Maintenance

We look after your website: updates, improvements, text, images, blogs and prices changes, we do all this for you in-house in Newmarket.

The launch of you website is just the start, keeping content fresh and up to date will keep your website interesting and help search engine ranking.

Using a skilled experienced designer your website will be maintained properly and avoid site downtime causing lost visitors and potential leads, this leaves you to concentrate on your business.

Updating & Maintenance

So how will it work

You describe what you want the site to do for you and how you would like it to look, we discuss what is possible.

We then come up with our ideas to meet your needs and ideas, discussion follows and an approach is agreed.

A design is drawn up on our server for your approval, this work should take less than 10 days, depending on content availability from you.

Announce the story about your business merits with an impressive Scottweb Design website.

About Us

Web Design Services


We can help with the whole process to make sure you get it right.

We will design your website with responsive technology for multi- media connected devices, smart phones, tablets, desktop etc. One website multi- platform viewing


We are happy to help with free advice from initial development to final hosting.

Our approach is very simple, we work with our clients to get their message across with clear straightforward information, jargon free.


We can analyse your present website and advise you on S E O work you may need.

With our experience in web design and S E optimisation we are happy to appraise your current website and advise you how to get it back working for you.

Some Of Our Work

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